New ASMR campaigns entertain and relax

Modern youth are feeling burnt out across all aspects of their lives, even when it comes to entertainment. However, video trends like oddly satisfying videos and ASMR are cutting through the noise, providing a way for young people to zone out and de-stress. The following brands are using the ASMR trend to engage customers and position their brands as a reprieve from the noise of advertising, rather than a contributor.


Tax season can be one of the most stressful times of the year, and H&R Block Australia wanted to help its customers feel more at ease as they went through the process of filing their taxes. In an ASMR video created by the company, a fake accountant whispers about the pains of filing and how H&R Block can be of service. The video also features other sounds meant to trigger the ASMR response, such as the tapping of a keyboard, the shuffling of paper, and the zipping of a laptop bag. The campaign was released across the company’s social media channels, targeting their digitally-inclined Millennial and Gen Z customers, who gave rise to the popularity of the ASMR trend.


To help stressed out holiday shoppers relax, SodaStream sought the talent of Queer Eye host Jonathan Van Ness to create an ASMR parody video using the brand’s soda machine. In the lighthearted video, Van Ness mimics the usual facets of the online video trend: he whispers into the microphone, uses the soda machine, chews a cucumber, and taps out “Jingle Bells.” While ASMR videos are meant to help viewers wind down, the SodaStream commercial tended to entertain, using Van Ness to highlight the more humorous aspects of the ever-growing video trend.


For those who experienced the stress of travel over the holidays, JetBlue had a solution. The airline tapped the ASMR trend that’s taken off across the Internet and advertising to create a nine minute YouTube video called “AirSMR” that features the sounds of JFK airport’s Terminal 5: suitcases rolling, fingers tapping a keyboard, and planes taking off and touching down. And much like other ASMR videos where video creators whisper to the audience, a soft female voice speaks over the low mix of airport sounds, which are meant to trigger brain tingles in people who possess the ASMR response.

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