Youth in the Cassandra Collective tell us their favorite Super Bowl ads

Which Super Bowl commercials resonated the most with Gen Zs and Millennials? We posed this question to youth across the country during Sunday’s big game, through our Cassandra Collective platform. Check out the following advertisements, along with quotes from participants in the Collective, to see which Super Bowl ads resonated—and why.


  • Title:Loretta

  • The advertisement: Google took inspiration from the story of a Google employee’s grandfather when creating ‘Loretta.’ In the spot, a man instructs his Google Assistant to pull up photos of his late wife before he takes a highly-sentimental trip down memory lane.

  • Quote from Cassandra Collective: “My favorite commercial was by Google, and it was called ‘Loretta.’ It had a real sentimental quality to it, and was extremely memorable because of this. Within about 25 seconds it had me in tears: I found it to be extremely evocative. It was sweet to the core, and didn't feel like it was overselling a product.” - Lily, 21

  • Analysis: Google smartly tapped into consumers’ emotions to highlight the humanity of its tech.


  • Title:The Cool Ranch’ featuring Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott

  • The advertisement: Rapper Lil Nas X and actor Sam Elliott face off in a duel that quickly turns into a dance-off.

  • Quote from Cassandra Collective: “[My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the] Doritos commercial with Sam Elliot and Lil Nas X. It was fun and meme-y without being hokey.” - Carly, 24

  • Analysis: Doritos was smart to tap a Gen Z fashion and music icon (Lil Nas X) and pair him with an older, established actor such as Elliott; the contrast between the pair automatically lends humor to the spot, creating a highly-entertaining piece of content that resonates with consumers across generations.


  • Title:Smaht Pahk

  • What it was about: Hyundai tapped Boston-born actors like Chris Evans and John Krasinski as well as former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz for the spot. The stars show off their best Boston accents as they highlight Hyundai’s Remote Smart Parking Assist driving feature.

  • Quote from Cassandra Collective: “[My favorite Super Bowl commercial was] the Hyundai one for “Smart Park” with the heavy Boston accents. It was my favorite because I used to live in Boston and the actors are all great and it [was] funny.” - Bruno, 19

  • Analysis: Hyundai offered viewers a dose of comedy as it informed consumers of a helpful feature of its cars, providing product insight that doubled as star-studded entertainment.

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Insights in today’s Cassandra Daily were collected Sunday - Monday, February 2-3, 2020.