2020 IS SO OVER.

Brands help consumers bid farewell to this tumultuous year

There’s a lot going on as we rapidly approach the end of what’s been a tough year (for an endless list of reasons), and brands are busy helping consumers figure out how they’re both ending this year and ringing in 2021. Some of the brands aggregated here are poking fun at what a “garbage” year it’s been, while others reflect back with gratitude for the bright spots that have emerged. Whichever direction they’re going in, it’s smart for firms to dream up silly or serious initiatives that help consumers move forward into whatever 2021 holds.


If you’ve felt inclined to figuratively declare 2020 “garbage” at any point over the past year, American Standard is here to help: the kitchen and bath fixture brand is allowing people to literally flush this horrible year away. American Standard printed “flushable” moments from 2020—including Covid-19, birthday caravans, murder hornets, and the phrase “new normal”—on toilet paper, and is giving a total of 450 of these rolls away in its “Flush 2020” campaign. The brand is also prompting people to share their own most “flushable” moments from the year on social media with the hashtag #Flush2020, for an additional rush of catharsis.


Tums, like you, is well aware that “[a]fter this dumpster fire of a year, Americans need relief now more than ever,” per a press release. The antacid tablet brand is saying goodbye to 2020 by declaring the year over three hours early this New Year’s Eve, and is doing so by enlisting the help of TikTok star Michael Le. Le will host a Tums-branded livestream on TikTok at 9 PM EST that night, “allowing fans to countdown to 2021 ASAP so they can turn out the lights on 2020.” Tums is also hosting a #TUMSworthyNYE sweepstakes giveaway, where winners can nab a gift card for NYE drinks and munchies, as well as other prizes, such as “Insta-worthy party essentials.”


Spotify’s approach to the end of 2020 deviated from that of American Standard and Tums: the streaming music platform highlighted themes of gratitude and resilience in its “2020 Wrapped” campaign. Spotify chose such optimistic themes to acknowledge the creative contributions of its artists, podcasters, and Spotify listeners, as 2020 would certainly be a lot darker without the content created by today's beloved artists. The campaign spans multiple channels, but all output ladders back to this positive outlook, which consumers are certainly responding to as they start to close out 2020 and look ahead to 2021.