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Every day, the Cassandra Daily highlights interesting trends across different industry verticals that we hope will provide inspiration to marketers and brands. Today, we bring you three new initiatives that speak to the hottest news and cultural trends. This information is a must-read for all brands to drive creative planning, brand strategy, and community engagement.


Lurkers beware! Instagram begins testing new ways to make money, converting a small subset of user accounts into a “pay-as-you-view” model. Fees add up as you scroll—currently $.02 per image served, $.05 per video—but users can offset the cost by posting their own content and receiving a $.02 credit per “like.”


The classic children’s animated series “Ducktales” is getting a live action reboot. Except this time, Scrooge McDuck and his nephews are cast as the villains in a reflection of society’s current feelings about the 1%.


Walgreens plans to launch new "designer" drug stores where people can get the exact same vaccines at twice the price, but there's good lighting for "I got my vaccine" photos afterwards and everything is administered by influencers.

APRIL FOOLS! No brands mentioned in this post were involved in the joke.