Adjusting to our new “normal”

As the U.S. begins to reopen, many of us are going through an “awkward” stage as part of working our way back to “normal.” While Americans warm up to hugging, re-mastering bar etiquette, and going back to in-person doctor appointments, we're highlighting a few brands that are positioning themselves as partners for these post-Covid era experiences. Below are three brands that have taken note of Gen Zs and Millennials' calls for authenticity with ad campaigns acknowledging the weirdness of what’s to come.


While the overall gum industry saw a decline in sales last year, classic sugar-free gum Extra managed to deliver growth. With a new ad campaign representing what it feels like to get the news that restrictions are ending, Extra Gum captures consumers' excitement to get out, get hot, and get celebrating! Their hysterical yet poignant over-the-top messaging resonates with Gen Zs and Millennials who desire bold and honest, brand messaging. Titled, “For When It’s Time,” the ad positions the product as a must-have as social distancing restrictions end and consumers start getting close.


Imported Mexican beer brand, Dos Equis, is telling a highly relevant post-pandemic story in their new ad campaign. Leaning into what is already proving to be an awkward adjustment as Americans re-enter into society, Dos Equis’ captures all those cringe moments that are bound to happen as consumers prepare for their first night out. The portrayal of struggling to put on makeup and fit back into jeans (ugh!) will certainly connect with Millennials and even older Gen Zs, including those who came of legal drinking age during the pandemic. Dos Equis’ clever and creative ad dishes out some much-needed words of encouragement: “we’ll get the hang of it.”


Skincare product line eos recently debuted their Obligation Celebration campaign, focusing on how people are now finding happiness doing the things they “used to hate.” From getting a drink poured on a favorite outfit to waiting around for friends who are running late, eos wants consumers to know the brand is there to support them through these once annoying (but now welcomed) moments. As Gen Zs transition back to the “normal” they only began to experience pre-pandemic, eos acknowledges the excitement for life’s boring moments young consumers can’t wait to experience again.