H 2 THE 0

With bubbles in between

Gen Z is obsessed with water – no, really, obsessed. As youth move away from soda and alcohol (for those of age, of course), new beverages are moving in. And those new beverages are riffs on the oldest beverage in the book: water. With the sparkling water market expected to grow from $23 million to $55 billion by 2028, we’re talking a pulse on every kind of H20. Drink up – we’re talking water!


Leaning into youth’s love of agua, GEN Z Water is going all out. Packaged in reusable aluminum bottles that are 100% recyclable (unlike plastic, boo!), GEN Z Water truly shines in its unique branding. With what might be the single most exciting website to visit, GEN Z Water leans into Y2K design with branding that showcases “the world’s chaos.” The self-described “flavorless transparent liquid” builds on authenticity and accountability that every generation can get behind.


Sanzo is the first Asian-inspired sparkling water, using real fruit to create unique taste experiences like yuzu ginger, lychee, and calamansi. With a focus on flavor rather than bubbles, Filipino American founder Sandro Roco spotlights high-quality introductions to Southeast Asian fruits that some consumers might be tasting for the first time. Growing fivefold from 2020 to 2021, Sanzo has now raised $10 million in funding as they work to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western culture.


At Cassandra, we’ve been tracking Recess since 2019. Originally known for its calming CBD properties and aesthetically pleasing cans, Recess has recently expanded into other purpose-driven seltzers. Claimed to be first-of-its-kind, Recess Mood contains magnesium L-threonate, a property that works to create more of consumers' favorite neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Given that the global functional beverage market is on track to be worth $158 billion by next year, Recess is smartly expanding its footprint within (and beyond) the seltzer space.

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