Brands turn to toll-free fun to engage with young consumers

Last week, we talked about some of the creative brand campaigns ahead of Thanksgiving and shouted out Oatly’s emotional support hotline for meat abstainers who may struggle on Turkey Day. But Oatly isn’t the only brand launching de-facto call centers to offer customer support, sales, and more. Though younger generations may have a reputation for being phone-shy, these campaigns prove that consumers won’t think twice about giving their favorite brand a ring.


After debuting a new ad spot featuring Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in which State Farm character “Jeff, the equipment manager” asks the QB if he’s ready for his “jazz bath,” fans began tweeting at State Farm about how they were ready for their own jazz baths. In response, State Farm unveiled the “Jazz Bath: The Bath Bomb Sessions,” a CD that can be ordered from myjazzbath.com or streamed on Spotify. The company also launched a telephone hotline – 1-866-JAZZ-BATH, naturally – where fans can get advice from “Jeff” on what to listen to.


Just in time for hoodie season, Hanes unveiled the Hanes Hoodie Hotline to provide comfort to people who have had their beloved hoodies stolen by “loved ones, casual dating partners and awkward situationships.” Victims of hoodie theft can dial 540-5-hoodie to chat with an operator who will offer words of comfort to help heal the wound – and bestow 15% off a new Hanes hoodie. “It’s time to move on from that old hoodie and into a brand new, even better one,” the operator says.


Riffing on the concept of a “booty call,” Velveeta launched its own “foodie call” activation, which invited New Yorkers to text “Vel, you up?” to 855-VELVEET between 9 p.m. to 2:15 a.m. ET on Nov. 18 and 19. Fans were rewarded with a free late-night snack of two Velveeta-based recipes – “Deep-Delish Pizza Shells'' and “Cheese and Please Me, Cheese Me Totchos” – delivered straight to their door. Fans outside of NYC were able to enjoy some cheesy (in every sense of the word) fun, too; a text to the number was rewarded with a “Velveeta foodie call” kit to make their own late-night eats.