(On-)Air Stream

Periscope stars and entertainment properties are emerging

Live-streaming video is becoming an important media format, with even Facebook having recently launched its own service, Live For Mentions. While the social media giant’s tool is exclusive to A-listers, services like Meerkat and Periscope are giving rise to a new set of social stars that are positioning live-streaming as a vital entertainment genre.

081715-1Amanda Oleander: Twenty-five-year-old Amanda Oleander is one of Periscope’s most popular users. With a reported 310,000 followers on the platform, many are already referring to the LA-based illustrator as Periscope’s answer to Kim Kardashian. Though her good looks don’t hurt, her devotion to the two-way conversation is a big part of her mass appeal. Her streams, which may show her painting in her studio or visiting local attractions, are consistently peppered with responses to fan comments and questions. She has noted that her videos typically show her engaging in her everyday activities, allowing her to both multitask and be authentic: a true Gen Y.

081715-2PeriscopeTV: Journalist Jon Erlichman has already acquired a devoted Periscope following through “Tech Trivia,” a daily live-stream in which viewers have the opportunity to answer simple quiz questions for the chance to win prizes. Recognizing audiences’ willingness to tune into scheduled programming, he recently launched PeriscopeTV, an account that streams specific programs at set times. The network, co-created by Seth Cohen and Caroline Lesley, counters the idea that consumers are averse to entertainment timetables, thereby reviving the “old-fashioned” concept of must-see TV. While numbers for PersicopeTV aren’t yet available, Periscope itself already has 10 million viewers who watch 21 million minutes a day.

081715-3Jon Jacques: Jon Jacques has a long way to go before he becomes the PewDiePie of Periscope; nonetheless, the 20-year-old New Yorker recently raised enough money via GoFundMe to quit his day job in order to live-stream himself full-time. A magician who had been taking his talent to the streets of Times Square, he realized that he had the potential to further monetize his craft. In a charitable twist, he reportedly donates some of his earnings to those in need, cleverly branding his random acts of kindness “magic moments.” As of just a few weeks ago, he was ranked #16 on Periscope’s Most Loved list worldwide.