Color Mind

Brands embrace the mindful coloring book trend

Recognizing their tendency to become too immersed in their digital lives, young people are looking for ways to regain a sense of mindfulness and presence in the real world. They’re gravitating toward offline activities that provide both a sense of calm and a feeling of productivity; one such that’s gaining significant traction is coloring. Brands are jumping on this trend, creating coloring pages and books to address this growing need.


Known for iconic shapes and bold patterns, IKEA is a natural brand to leverage the coloring book trend. Earlier this year, it released a set of coloring pages that incorporated its furniture and home items in kaleidoscopic images, which are somewhat synonymous with the popular books. Each page is themed to connect with products for which IKEA is famous. The living room scene includes the Poang chair; the garden image has hanging planters and IKEA’s classic watering can; and the lighting design uses the Klabb table lamp among others. Aspiring artists can download the coloring pages on IKEA’s website and tweet their work using #ColorWithIKEA.


This past summer, Better Homes & Gardens (Australia) launched a coloring book titled Colour For Me, targeted at its adult audience. Knowing that the coloring trend is connected to a surge in mindfulness and meditation, each left-side page is printed with an inspirational or motivational quote. The designs for coloring, which appear on right-side pages, feature images such as a feline face, matryoshka dolls, and abstract floral arrangements. It followed up the initial book with Colour For Christmas, which, naturally, included images of reindeer and pine trees, and Colour For Spring, with nature-inspired designs of birds, bees, and blooms.


To celebrate Lunar New Year and the Year of the Monkey, Origins created a coloring contest and sweepstakes. Customers could pick up a themed coloring page in stores or download a copy from the company’s website. After putting their own artistic touches on the image of foliage, lanterns, and a monkey, participants were invited to Instagram their work and tag it to be entered for prizes. Winners were given red envelopes—a traditional New Year’s gift of money—that included certificates for up to $500 worth of Origins products. The event and contests ran around the world—from the US to Malaysia—through the month of February.