Bear in Mind

Teddy bears take the spotlight in new ad campaigns

Teddy bears are becoming unlikely Internet stars, as they increasingly pop up across social media and serve as the focal point of ad campaigns. This holiday season, numerous brands are featuring the stuffed toy in their spots in an effort to tap into Gen Y’s early-onset nostalgia.


Traveling during the holidays is usually chaotic and stressful, yet Heathrow Airport aims to show that it can be not only “bearable” but even joyous in the commercial “Coming Home for the Holidays,” which tells the story of two teddy bears. The ad, created to celebrate the airport’s 70th anniversary, shows the bears going through all stages of air travel, from landing and passport control to baggage claim and reuniting with their family. In embracing the excitement of holiday travel, the touching spot trended on Facebook shortly after its release and has garnered more than four million views.


To get shoppers in the holiday spirit, Harrods released an ad called "A Very British Bear Tale," in which a teddy bear named Hugh is forced to save Christmas after a mischievous elf casts a spell on the department store. The narrative follows Hugh’s efforts as the only toy that doesn’t freeze over and is able to get to the roof, where he holds up a sign calling for help. Ultimately, Rudolph spots his sign and comes to the rescue, saving Harrods. Consumers can create their own Very British Fairy Tale video, as well as purchase a stuffed version of the bear.


Danish flower delivery brand Interflora recently released a commercial called "Captain Bobo's Christmas,” which depicts a young girl and her bond with a one-eyed teddy bear. While she develops an affinity for the bear, she is separated from the toy over the holidays since it must stay in her school classroom. The spot explains that even if you can’t be with loved ones during the holidays, you can show that you’re thinking of them by sending flowers. In doing so, Interflora aims to highlight loneliness, which is particularly problematic in Denmark, and encourages people to spread good cheer in society.