TV shows and movies get their own fantasy leagues

Sports aren’t the only type of entertainment spurring fantasy leagues. As young consumers want to actively engage with the content they love, they’re participating in leagues around TV shows and movies via new platforms that let them predict things like the fate of characters or a property’s box office success. 


Recognizing that fans of The Bachelor franchise are highly passionate and many form brackets on their own, ABC decided to get in on the action. For the launch of its latest season, the network teamed up with ESPN to create The Bachelor Fantasy League, available on its website and the ESPN fantasy app. Viewers sign up for free and form leagues to predict the top four contestants who will make it to hometown dates. Players are also challenged with weekly contests in which they guess whether certain events will occur during the next episode. They receive points for correct answers, and each point earns them an entry into a sweepstakes to attend the filming of “The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose.”


Film fanatics can make predictions about how new releases will perform at the box office through Fantasy Movie League. Users form teams and pick eight Hollywood movies each week over the course of a 10-week “season.” Each team is given 1,000 “film bux” at the week’s start to bet as they see fit. Films expected to gross higher cost more money to bet on, ensuring that participants can’t only select surefire hits. Additionally, movies are priced based on how well they’ve already performed and how long they’ve been in theaters. Teams earn points depending on how much money their picks rake in via U.S. ticket sales.


This past January, MTV launched a fantasy league for its matchmaking show, Are You The One?, where, much like The Bachelor version, fans are challenged to guess which contestants will be most lucky in love. Each week, viewers create teams consisting of four members of the show; how their “players” perform each episode in different categories—including competition, romance, and drama—impacts whether they win or lose points. As users amass points, they become closer to winning a trip to Mexico. With more media options at consumers’ fingertips today, it's been harder for TV networks to attract fans and keep them tuning in, making fantasy leagues a valuable driver of engagement and social buzz.