Brands screen entertainment via immersive in-person events

As addressed in The Entertainers, young consumers want entertainment that’s typically reserved for in-home engagement to be delivered out-of-home as a live, in-person event in order to experience it in a more immersive, participatory way. To meet this growing demand, media and entertainment brands are providing active viewing experiences where people can watch content in noteworthy settings.


Whereas most binge-watching marathons are a passive activity at home, broadcasting company Sky hosted a literal Game of Thrones marathon in Italy where people ran 26 miles while watching the show projected on the screen of a moving truck. Participants began in Rome and ran across the Italian countryside while viewing seasons one through six. At the end of the course, they arrived at a stage where they got to watch the premiere of season seven. As 62% of Gen Ys believe that all brands will need a wellness component to survive in the future, this is just one way that non-endemic companies can participate in this space.


To promote the release of Baywatch, Paramount held a Slow Motion Marathonthe first of its kind—in celebration of the iconic opening credits. Fans were invited to sign up for the run held in downtown Los Angeles alongside the film’s cast to show off their best Baywatch-esque moves, with many sporting thematic attire. While the race wasn’t as much of a workout as Sky’s marathon, four in 10 Trendsetting youth have already participated or are interested in participating in a sporting event based on an entertainment property, as revealed in our Game Changers report, demonstrating demand for similar efforts.


Mobile network Three teamed up with Time Out London this summer to offer audiences the chance to binge watch Netflix shows like Stranger Things and Narcos while cruising along the River Thames. The “Streamliner Go Binge” river cruise, created to promote Three’s “Go Binge” campaign, allowed fans to enjoy the series while sitting amidst a thematic setting. While the opportunity to view Netflix content aboard the boat was only for a limited promotion, Time Out London holds open-air cinema on the river regularly, reflecting youth’s desire to consume content as part of a notable and share-worthy event.