Check out these podcasts for Gen Zs, by Gen Zs

Back in 2017 we published The Gen Z Effect, our first comprehensive report focusing solely on all things Gen Z. This endlessly-fascinating and deeply paradigm-shifting generation is already moving the needle in an entirely different way than their predecessors, and all brands need to be aware of this cohort’s distinct generational traits, habits, and lifestyles to remain relevant now and into the future. But Gen Zs are eager to broadcast this information themselves too, seen in the rise of podcasts created by Zs, for Zs. Check out a few of our favorites below.


The Gen Zs behind Teenager Therapy are exploring #AllTheFeels in their open, engaging, and compelling podcast. The show is anchored by five hosts who talk through the various struggles that come with being a teenager today. 16-year-old Gael Aitor, who came up with the idea for Teenager Therapy, discussed the inspiration behind the podcast to Wired, admitting, “I’m curious as to how others are living: what they’re going through, what issues they have, what they’ve done, what they haven’t done.” Clearly audiences are curious too, for at the end of April the podcast had 360,000 subscribers and 2.2 million streams.


Democracy & Z is an initiative from the team behind Cincinnati Public Radio’s Democracy & Me, an education outreach program that promotes media literacy, student journalism, civic responsibility, voter education, and youth activism. Accordingly, the Democracy & Z pod serves as an of-the-moment format for students to discuss the issues that they’re navigating. Its first few episodes, which debuted right around the time the country began shutting down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cover racism, climate change, and voting rights, and subsequent ones touch on life under Covid-19.


Similarly to Democracy & Z, the Gen Z Tea podcast is produced by a local public radio station—this time in Aspen, Co. The pod is “by teens, for teens” and explores how today’s Zs are being shaped by the profound experience of growing up attached to technology, with a specific lens on how social media plays a central role in their modern coming-of-age saga. So far the pod has only released three episodes and a trailer, but we hope there’s more Gen Z Tea to come.

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