Millennial and Gen Z journalists offer a local lens

Today’s youth are reporting live, from Minneapolis, Minnesota. These news media organizations, started by Millennial and Gen Z journalists, operate with a hyperlocal lens to cut through the noise of mainstream media and offer their perspective on political and social causes. Aiming to educate and explore the nuances of these important issues, these outlets are front and center of all the action–and activism. From the frontlines of the fight for social justice to exposing inequalities, these young reporters aren’t just covering the news, they’re covering change. Read below to learn about three independent media outlets who are speaking truth to power and to people.


Newly launched SPEAK MPLS wants to help Minnesotans speak their truth. This community-driven media center offers labs, classes, events, equipment, and space to support Black journalists like Georgia Fort and other traditionally marginalized communities tell their stories. SPEAK MPLS welcomes the representation of “the entire spectrum of voices” to have a say in how their “narratives are shared" and has helped create programming such as going behind the scenes at the trial of Derek Chauvin, livestreams of Daunte Wright protest coverage, and member shows like the Equity News Network (ENN). Rebecca McDonald is the Director of SPEAK MPLS, a division of BFRESH Productions, a creative agency that "delivers people-first media services to increase collaboration, inclusion and access for all."


Wherever there’s activism, there’s Unicorn Riot. While they’re known for their livestream protest coverage with a DIY x Vice vibe, this alternative, far-left news source captures much more than just video–their intimate, unfiltered interviews with young protestors cut to the core of the fight for justice. As a decentralized, non-profit organization, Unicorn Riot aims to "amplify the voices of people from marginalized communities” and expose “the root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues.” Journalist, Niko Georgiades, helped create the independent media collective, which streams on YouTube and across social media. The New Yorker calls Unicorn Riot's coverage "some of the most vital reporting from Minneapolis."


The Neighborhood Reporter (TNR) says their “Only obligation is to tell it straight.” Founded by recent college graduate and independent journalist Naasir Akailvi, TNR conducts live coverage, on-scene interviews with young people, and in-depth analysis of topics such the protests in Minneapolis following the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent trial of Derek Chauvin for his murder. Akailvi says he “believes the world is really just one big neighborhood.” Find his latest news coverage on Instagram @theneighborhoodreporter.