Youth report straight from social media

With the explosion of informational outlets available on social media today, Gen Z and Millennials can find news and perspectives from hyperlocal to truly global. The Cassandra Daily recently reported on hyperlocal Gen Z and Millennial news reporters sharing information and insights about social justice protests in Minneapolis. Read below to learn about three additional news sources that are “for youth, by youth,” covering what matters most to young people today.


Taking a hyperlocal lens to the streets of New York, @sidetalknyc reports on everything silly and strange happening in the city. Hosted by two 19-year-old NYU students, Trent Simonian and Jack Byrne, the one-minute street show covers everything from anti-vax rallies to Purim parties in Brooklyn, including interviews with local celebrities. With over 374K followers on Instagram and over 55K subscribers on YouTube, the show has clearly captivated audiences; in April 2021, the two creators were signed to WME and Brillstein Entertainment to produce future projects.


State of Youth is a platform that’s “For Youth, By Youth.” Founder of the nonprofit organization, Marc Dullaert explains, “Nearly half the world’s population is under the age of 24, but young people’s voices are rarely represented when world leaders are making important decisions about the future… [we aim to give] the youth community a seat at the table to drive change."Their Instagram page lends a “voice to millions of young people” (13-24 years) on the topics of gender inequality, race, politics, sustainability, and much more. They highlight various international initiatives started by young people, with the hope of creating “impact, driven by youth, across the world.”


Hosted by five Latina women, @Latinarebels is “unveiling the complexities of Latinidad.” Established in 2013 by then graduate student Prisca Dorcas, the Instagram page “has become a gathering place for Latinx women who self-identify as fiery, bold and unapologetic.” Their content covers a range of social justice news, history, and humanitarian causes, from intersectionality to immigration, police reform, disability awareness. Their stories inform, inspire, and unite over 208K followers.