TikTok trend breakdown

We get it; everyone’s talking about TikTok. With Gen Zs driving the viral content era and capturing billions of views, what do all these trending moments really mean? Today, we’re recapping three trending TikTok hashtags and drawing the connection from online views to real business implications. Brace yourselves–we’re going down the TikTok rabbit hole and looking into what’s trending this week on Gen Z’s favorite platform.


Highlighting the intersection between American and Latin culture, #latinxbusiness is focused on bringing support to the Latinx community. With over 76 million views and counting, businesses like the modern take of Loteria, nopal bath & body products, and concha bath bombs are getting a huge engagement boost. As views turn into trending hashtags, Gen Z and Millennials use their expertise in viral moments to create real life-changing results for these small latinx businesses.


With the Met Gala catering to Gen Z through iconic Gen Z hosts and influencer guests, TikTok is riding the fashion wave with #tiktokfashionmonth. 6.6 billion people are watching DIY spin cameras displaying outfit changes or celebrating jaw-dropping pink outfit combos. Right along with Vogue and Paper Magazine TikToks, small creators are getting mega publicity like @trendycurvy stylist and Gen Z fashion critic @taylortiminskas. Displaying TikTok’s ability to elevate creators and display them right alongside big name brands, this hashtag showcases why Gen Z can’t get enough of an app algorithm that doesn’t just prioritize ads.


Influencer savant Lil Nas X has already reached 1.8 million views via his montero hashtag. TikTokers are using this space to share quite literally gorgeous versions of his music, on-demand reports of his PR stunts, and more. With even his own TikToks featured in the trending hashtag, Lil Nas X is flexing his PR skills by simultaneously dominating online trends and shocking bystanders through traditional IRL billboards.