Honoring the major upcoming holiday

Cities and states all over the Americas are preparing to celebrate Indigenous People Day as the truths behind Indigenous history becomes more widely understood in society. With news of Indigenous people being fatally attacked while protecting land holding “much of the world’s biodiversity,” the need to shine a light on their lives, their work, and their culture continues. In celebration of Indigenous People Day on October 11th, we’re amplifying the voices of Indigenous people using media to drive truer narratives of America’s history.


With an understanding of media’s influence, Vision Maker Media (VMM) works with, funds, produces and distributes stories of native people. Today, VMM kicks off their week-long free film festival celebrating their 45th anniversary and their year-long theme of commUNITY. With VMM stories highlighting the stripping of ancestral artifacts, and American’s Indian Adoption Era, VMM is continuously spotlighting history everyone should refuse to forget. As brands lean into Gen Z’s desire to learn, VMM serves the whitespace in media that lacks Indigenous culture.


19-year-old model, Quannah Chasinghorse, has made an iconic entrance into the fashion industry. This year, she had her Met Gala debut, listening to “native music and artists” beforehand to ensure she felt “empowered” as she creates space for much-needed representation of Indigenous people. Although not a self-proclaimed activist, Chasinghorse is a 4th generation arctic refuge protector. As youth continue to show their inability to be boxed in, this Gen Z fashion model, arctic protector, and Indigenous representative will continue to break glass ceilings as her career unapologetically evolves.


With 3.1 million TikTok followers, proud Indigenous and throat singer Shina Nova is bringing a level of personal education to conversations around Indigenous culture. With re-education on authentic Eskimo Kisses and explanations of the correct pronunciation of kayak collectively reaching over 30 million views, Nova is amplifying the true history behind Indigenous traditions. While showcasing her heritage is sometimes received with mixed responses, Nova is a strong example of how authenticity will inevitably reflect the reality of multidimensional life. As brands work to find their collective voice, Nova’s success highlights the power of authenticity when positioned for the needs of education, heritage, and culture.