Politics of Love

Specialty dating services help match singles with shared political opinions

Having more diverse social networks means that, simply by passively scanning their feeds, today’s youth are being exposed to an increasingly vast range of opinions that help them become more informed, well-rounded citizens (Flair and Balanced, Cassandra Report: The Impact Issue). While they may be more open to reading opinions other than their own in their social feeds than they used to be, the same doesn’t necessarily apply to their dating life, as several new dating apps help singles with similar views find one another.


A not-insignificant number of young Americans are contemplating a northern migration should Donald Trump win the presidency. Operating under the tagline “Make Dating Great Again,” dating site Maple Match seeks to help this group by pairing them with single Canadians who share their views on American politics. The platform, launched last month by a 26-year-old Texan named Joe Goldman, was inspired by consistent threats from friends to leave the U.S. if Trump takes the election. Within its first week of launching, 13,000 people signed up (a quarter of them Canadians).


Uncoupled Bernie Sanders supporters who are feeling hopeless about the future of the U.S. may find some respite from their despondency in Bernie Singles, a dating site that aims to unite progressives beyond their shared political opinions. Members can register as male, female, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, genderqueer, transgender, or asexual, highlighting Bernie fans’ commitment to inclusivity. The platform went up following Valentine’s Day and became so immensely popular that it crashed repeatedly; fortunately for its members, which now number around 12,500, the tech team has since expanded.


When it comes to dating dealbreakers, political views different from one’s own are high up on the list for Millennials. Earlier this year, Bumble, the dating app best known for its Fempowerment stance, introduced a new feature that stands to save members time wasted on dates with whom they’d never dream of entering a relationship. The service’s pack of Election 2016 Filters allows users to overlay their profiles with cheeky iconography and text indicative of their political leanings. Those who are undecided or wish to keep their explicitly political views to themselves still have options in the form of filters that display their support of Kanye or pizza.