Top Fortnite players to watch

Fortnite, the battle royale video game, has quickly become the latest eSport sensation. It just broke the record for the most simultaneous streaming viewers on YouTube, with 1.1 million people tuning in to watch ElrubiusOMG in action. With the game entering the cultural zeitgeist and players earning celebrity status—particularly among teen boys—here are a few gamers to keep an eye on.


Known to the gaming community as “Mongraal,” Kyle Jackson is the youngest professional Fortnite player at 13 years old. The UK-born Gen Z recently signed with Team Secret to form its first Fortnite team. While his parents are supportive of his new career, like the majority of parents who limit the time their children spend using devices, Mongraal still has a gaming curfew and has to put down his controller after 9pm, which may be why his gaming hasn’t affected his grades in school. Mongraal has been an avid gamer since his tween years, starting around age 8 with Call of Duty.


Tyler Blevins, aka “Ninja,” is what eSports has been searching for: a crossover star who can take the category mainstream, even beyond the three-quarters of Trendsetters who already consider eSports a real sport. His popularity has skyrocketed of late. He’s played live-streamed Fortnite games with Drake, with whom he has formed a superstar squad alongside rapper Travis Scott and JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The U.S.-born 26-year-old is a member of the professional gaming team Luminosity and makes a reported $500,000 a month from his paid subscribers on Twitch, and he recently surpassed 10 million followers on YouTube.


Recently signed to Team Solo Mid to complete its Fortnite squad, Daequan is distinct among gamers for his calm, cool-headed demeanor while playing. Hailing from the U.S., he has played several games competitively, such as Destiny 1 PvP, GunZ, and Smite, before turning to battle royale games including Fortnite. Daequan is not only known for his skills in the game, particularly his accuracy with a shotgun, but also for his catch phrases and adding to the culture around the game, which is an important aspect to fans.