Like a Natural Woman

Natural cosmetics brands appeal to beauty consumers

While hippie brands like Skin Trip have become trendy among a new generation of health food store shoppers, natural beauty products are winning over women of all stripes. With concern for what one puts on the body starting to rival that of what one puts in, natural cosmetics are becoming big business.


Until relatively recently, most natural beauty brands targeted consumers who prefer a minimalist approach to makeup. But with awareness of the dangers of chemicals and artificial ingredients used in many cosmetics growing, even women who enjoy a fully made-up face, from eye shadow to lipstick, are seeking alternative products. Beauty Lies Truth, a site that’s part blog, part product guide, is emerging as an influential resource among such makeup fans. Helping women realize that they don’t need to choose between feeling beautiful and maintaining good health, the site pulls back the curtain—even on big name “natural” brands—to inform educated consumer choices.


Milk Studios, the creative media company that works across fashion, music, photography, and film, recently introduced an 85-piece cosmetics and skin care brand. Targeted at “cool girls who don’t use makeup brushes,” Milk Makeup’s brand ethos is rooted primarily in a casual, fun approach to makeup application that doesn’t require an hour at a vanity every morning; but, it also recognizes its audience’s desire for natural ingredients. Indeed, all products are paraben-free and made from natural ingredients like hydrating oils and fruit and vegetable butters, with little to no preservatives. Unlike many other “natural” brands, Milk is meticulous about transparency, clearly spelling out just how natural its products really are, like a 74% natural mascara.


LOLI Beauty founder Tina Hedges spent years as a marketer in the cosmetics industry, developing products for big name beauty brands. After two decades, however, the stress of acting as her own sample guinea pig got to her, not to mention the skin issues she grappled with as a result. She started dabbling in personalized beauty recipes, borrowing inspiration from her Cuban great-grandmother, and realized there was a wider audience for “kitchen beauty” solutions. LOLI Beauty, a subscription beautycrafting brand that delivers monthly boxes of organic ingredients for blend-it-yourself recipes, was born shortly thereafter. It’s sort of like Purple Carrot for beauty.