Bite-Worthy Beauty

Culinary-inspired beauty products look good enough to eat (and are)

According to the Cassandra Report, Gen Zs are connoisseurs of all things culinary, with 82% saying that cooking skills are something they have or want to have. Indeed, in today’s food-fixated culture, playing with your food is encouraged, not only by culinary purveyors but also by less-expected beauty brands and creative companies looking to capitalize on young consumers’ love of all things tasty and unique.


While some nail polish companies have been subject to scrutiny of late by those who claim they’re harmful, one is making an effort to be so safe, a kid could eat it. That company, Kid Licks, is made in the U.S. using organic fruits, veggies, and plants, making it safe for little fingers and stomachs. The polish comes in colorful and fun formulas like Barley Grass Green, Beet Red, Sour Carrot Orange, or a pack of all three. Even better, the water-based polish washes off using soap and water, rendering toxic nail polish removers irrelevant. 


Taking its “finger lickin’ good” slogan literally, KFC Hong Kong recently unveiled a “Finger Lickin' Good Edible Nail Polish” range, leaving some to speculate that a belated April Fool’s Day joke may be at hand (it was not). The company worked with McCormick & Company to infuse a secret blend of spices formulated to taste like KFC’s signature chicken flavors, Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy, into the line. The brave simply apply the formula and allow it to dry like any other nail polish, then can lick and lick again. Fans in Hong Kong will have the chance to vote on which flavor will go into mass production. 


Nail polish isn’t the only beauty product getting a culinary makeover. From the flavor laboratory of Lick Me I’m Delicious, a company that provides experimental food installations for events, comes the Edible Fragrance Factory featuring a selection of hand-crafted edible scents to spray, sniff, and lick. With unique cloudbursts of cool mint, pure nectar, or horseradish, the creations are designed to change how people interact with and perceive perfume. The fragrances can be sprayed onto the skin or edible scent strips for a lasting aroma, and the machine can also be wheeled into events for those looking to create an immersive edible experience.