Performance sleepwear promises to optimize rest and recovery

Sleep is becoming a big business, and for good reason: 71% of teens and 39% of Millennials say their lack of slumber causes them stress. Fortunately for them, companies are elevating the role that rest plays in overall health and wellness, launching performance sleepwear designed to optimize time between the sheets.


Under Armour recently revealed its new sleep and recovery system, which combines the brand's first-ever Athlete Recovery Sleepwear powered by TB12 with a new app. The sleepwear was developed in collaboration with Tom Brady, who credits sleep as one of the most important components of his training regimen. Under Armour has incorporated special bioceramics technology into a pattern lining the garments, which are designed to maximize comfort and fit. The bioceramic particles reportedly absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back beneficial far infrared, helping the body recover faster while promoting a better night's sleep.


Startup Lunya wants to be the modern young woman’s go-to brand for luxury sleepwear, offering lines made from washable silk as well as performance fabrics designed to help the wearer sleep better. Per Fast Company, the brand sells a collection made from Meneya, a fabric that blends Pima cotton and Lycra with Celliant, a technical fiber that uses infrared energy to stimulate cell performance, regulate temperature, and increase circulation in the wearer. The textile also increases oxygen levels in the body, which helps cells rejuvenate and even minimizes pain.


The British founder of RECLINER, Rebecca Smith, launched her sleepwear brand in November 2015 after twelve years working in fashion at companies like Hervé Léger and Lulu Guinness. Like Lunya, the company offers modern sleepwear in fabrics that emphasize luxury, convenience, and performance. Its featherweight Japanese satins are machine-washable, and its bamboo jersey is both extremely soft and temperature-regulating. The bamboo fibers contain gaps that trap cool air in the heat and warm air in the cold, meaning it can be worn year-round. Bamboo is also more absorbent than cotton, which helps prevent sweat from pooling on the skin.