Cactus water spikes in popularity

Cactus water is out to steal coconut water’s crown as the plant-based beverage of choice among young consumers in the U.S. Containing fewer calories and less sugar than most coconut waters and aloe juices on the market, the drink taps into Millennials’ love of products that boost performance, and competition among brands is escalating accordingly.


Since its inception, True Nopal has maintained a commitment to preserving and sustaining the North American deserts from which the beverage was born. The company supports conservation efforts within the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mohave deserts and packages its drinks in recyclable Tetra Paks, which, in addition to being eco-friendly and BPA-free, block UV light to minimize damage and maximize nutritional qualities. Though competition in the space is growing, interest in cactus water has helped the brand, which bills itself as “the original cactus water,” expand its distribution.


Inspired by the landscapes of California, the founders of CALIWATER set out to create a locally harvested alternative to coconut water that connects consumers with the earth.  A gluten-free, vegan, and certified OU Kosher beverage, it contains 200mg of prickly pear cactus extract, shown in clinical trials to help ease the symptoms of hangovers. It’s also the only superfruit known to include all 24 of the antioxidants known as betalains, which offer unique beauty benefits for the skin. To meet growing demand, the company recently expanded their distribution in Whole Food stores beyond LA to the Southern Pacific region of the U.S.


Fair trade tea-based beverage company Steaz recently announced expanded distribution of Steaz Cactus Water, the brand’s newest product line that blends prickly pear juice with certified organic green tea. Each 12-ounce can contains the same amount of electrolytes as other functional waters, such as coconut water, but with nearly half the calories and sugar. The company also emphasizes the drink’s ultra-hydrating and inflammation-fighting properties, plus the fact that its product is the only certified organic cactus water currently available on the market.