Brands launch products that keep clothing odor-free

Between Gen Ys’ propensity for customization and Zs’ quest for displaying individuality, young consumers expect a lot of their clothing today. The retail industry has risen to many of their challenges, producing smart apparel, clothing inclusive of religionsdirect-to-consumer products, and eco-friendly fashion. New technology is also being utilized to keep clothing odor-free.


Available only through Panasonic Japan (and where it’s popped up on resale platforms, including eBay and Amazon), the company's deodorizing hanger can eliminate smells from clothing and suppress pollen by producing nano-sized negatively charged particles to collect moisture in the air and remove odor. The hanger specifically targets smells left from smoke, sweat, and grilled meats. It requires an external power source, but could be convenient to use in hotel rooms, joining smart suitcases in tech products that simplify traveling.


Launched on Kickstarter, Element Pure uses Tencel fibers for its no-frills line of loungewear and base layer clothing. This makes the apparel more eco-friendly, as Tencel is made from the wood pulp from eucalyptus trees, which not only uses 20% less water to grow than average cotton but also biodegrades in 12 days or fewer, and also antibacterial. Like moisture-wicking apparel, Element Pure is resistant to sweat; bacteria can’t grow in the fabric so the clothes remain odor-free even after days of athletic activity.


Ably is one brand creating eco-friendly fashion in an attempt to reduce the pollution produced by the fashion industry (second only to that produced by the petroleum industry), in part by cutting the carbon dioxide emitted from laundry machines by half. To do so, it created its apparel line using a patent-pending technology called Filium that makes clothes liquid-, stain-, and odor-resistant, so they can be worn for weeks without needing to be washed. The clothes are also intended be hang dried so that a machine drier doesn’t have to be used.