Cult culinary products inspire colorful hair trends

Food and drinks are driving fashion and beauty trends, with everything from Starbursts to peanut butter & jelly to salmon sushi influencing the look of one’s locks. Now, following on the heels of the Unicorn frappucino hair craze, multicolored styles inspired by other fan-favorite foods and beverages are emerging.


Fandom for LaCroix and its pretty packaging is manifesting in many ways, from people buying desserts and accessories that pay tribute to the drink to dying their hair to look like the colorful cans. The beauty trend started when the brand Scruples Hair Care tasked eight colorists to reimagine hair hues inspired by the bubbly beverage using its products, and the challenge quickly went viral. While the trend essentially consists of creating rainbow dye jobs that mimic the signature watercolor cans, it’s no surprise that the look has  caught on given consumer fascination with the drink and the resulting wow-factor. The movement has also prompted makeup gurus to create looks inspired by LaCroix.


Low-calorie ice cream brand Halo Top has amassed a cult following, emerging as America’s best-selling ice cream pint in 2017. Its focus on social marketing and pastel packaging combined with its guilt-free branding has contributed to its rapid rise. Recognizing its popularity, Scruples Hair Care decided to take the challenge it created with LaCroix and apply it to Halo Top. Stylists created hair styles inspired by favorite flavors like Lemon Cake, Rainbow Swirl, Cinnamon Roll, and Black Cherry. As was the case with the LaCroix-inspired series, models posed with the packaging that influenced their ‘do.


While the media has singled out Millennials for killing the cereal industry, the breakfast staple has been popping up in plenty of places beyond the bowl lately, like desserts and beer. It’s even been inspiring beauty trends in recent months. Hair stylists across the country are modeling manes after Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Trix, and more childhood favorites. While most creations are a take on a rainbow, the hues and combinations vary based on the sugary breakfast staples. Even L’Oreal has released a guide for how to make cereal-inspired hair.