Capsule wardrobe brands proliferate

As members of The Optimization Generation, Millennials look to get the most out of having less. They don’t want to be weighed down by possessions and instead prefer to have fewer, higher-quality items that help streamline their lives and let them be their most productive. With this desire, they’re giving rise to new capsule wardrobe brands, which they feel let them be their best dressed selves.


The aptly named company Wardrobe NYC offers a four- and eight-piece collection for men and women consisting of staples to eliminate choice overload and fight overconsumption in fashion. Men can choose from a more basic option, which includes a suit jacket, pants, shirt, and a tee, while an eight-piece wardrobe adds a coat, hoodie, wide-leg pants, and a sweater. The four-piece option for women includes a blazer, shirt, t-shirt, and leggings, while the eight-piece option adds a coat, skirt, knit, and blouse shirt. Each wardrobe, costing $1,500 or $3,000, respectively, is only available in white or black, further reflecting the brand’s focus on practicality and versatility.


Startup VETTA sells two types of capsule collections for women, each consisting of five wardrobe staples that can be worn 30 different ways to let wearers maximize their options. For a $449 wardrobe, shoppers can enjoy a month’s worth of outfits, making it especially ideal for traveling. All garments, which are made from eco-friendly materials, are sold in complementary colors and styles. Alternatively, users can buy wardrobe essentials, including tunics, jumpsuits, shift dresses, and pants, as individual items to curate their own closet of minimalist essentials. All items cost between $49-$149, with VETTA encouraging wearers to get creative with their styling.


Seven in 10 Trendsetting youth in the U.S. aged 14-34 would rather buy higher quality items, but have fewer of them than have more, lower quality items. Capsule wardrobe brand Ameliora, created by a 23-year-old Millennial, caters to this preference. The women’s workwear brand recently created its first capsule collection consisting of eight pieces, from a skirt and pants to a jacket and dress, all sold in the same black fabric. Inspiring confidence among women is core to the brand, not only through the garments, but also the company’s positioning. Each staple item is named for one of the women who inspired the creator, with the website describing these influential females.