Fanciful makeup collabs capture consumers’ imaginations

As the majority of young people—85% in the U.S. and 76% in the UK—consider developing a personal style to be part of their personal growth, brands outside of the cosmetics industry and across multiple verticals are collaboratively developing beauty products that celebrate creativity and give consumers the tools to literally and figuratively color outside traditional beauty lines.


Crayola, the American arts and crafts brand known for the rainbow-hued crayons that are childhood staples, launched a makeup collaboration with online fashion retailer ASOS. This isn’t the first time Crayola has dabbled in the cosmetics sphere—the brand released red and pink Chubby Sticks with Clinique last year—but this collection makes a distinct impression with experimental hues, product and packaging that recalls the aforementioned crayons, and a general sense of whimsy that raised questions from some about the line’s wearability. Regardless, the on-trend vegan and cruelty-free formulations capture the spirit of creativity and self-expression that Crayola stands for.


In the latest example of a majorly-hyped cross-category footwear collaboration, retro activewear brand Puma teamed up with cosmetics behemoth M.A.C. to offer sneakerheads the opportunity to match their lipstick to their kicks. The resulting Puma x M.A.C. Suede 50 Pack celebrates the 50th anniversary of Puma’s iconic Suede footwear collection and includes three iterations of the sneaker that tonally color-match three of M.A.C.’s famous lipsticks: Creme d’Nude (a peachy neutral), Lady Danger (a classic red), and Sin (a deep burgundy).


UK-based makeup brush company Spectrum collaborated with Disney to release a line of brushes and vanity bags that incorporate a medley of pretty undersea elements along with beloved characters Ariel and Ursula from Disney’s classic film The Little Mermaid. The collection, available only in Ireland and the UK, capitalizes on the recent trend towards mermaid-esque aesthetics, especially pertaining to beverages. Similarly to Crayola’s collab with ASOS, the bags and brushes are vegan and cruelty free and 1% of sales are donated to a charity whose mission is to facilitate the removal of plastic from the oceans.