Sneaker initiatives focus on females

Sneaker culture has walked out of the store and into the world at large, becoming a lifestyle in and of itself with its own brand museumsresale platforms, and cross-category collaborations with everything from makeup brands to food retailers. New initiatives cater specifically to women, who are often underserved in the sneakerhead community.


Though many prominent female sneakerheads are saying it’s taken too long to happen, Nike is launching a new online and physical retail store specifically for women’s sneakers. Unlaced will have locations in existing Nike stores in NYC, London, Paris, and Shanghai. Nike is collaborating with stylists and creatives from around the world to create special limited edition kicks, the likes of which have been continually growing in popularity in the men’s sneaker world. Unlaced will provide female sneaker fans, who often congregate on social media due to a lack of stores and platforms built for them, their own space.


Brands creating their own podcasts is a rising trend we noted in our recently launched Global Culture Forecast, and Reebok is joining Walmart, Blue Apron, Microsoft, and more that have delved into this audio medium. The athletic brand’s podcast, delivered in three 20-minute episodes, focuses on women in the sneaker industry. “Flipping the Game” covers the role of women in the evolution of sneaker culture and athleisure, the Reebok Freestyle, the first athletic shoe made specifically for women back in 1982, and more.


Sneaker startups are having a moment, and snkrINC, a streetwear-centric media company and content studio startup, is collaborating with Bustle Digital Group to produce a video series spotlighting female sneaker enthusiasts, influencers, and entrepreneurs in the streetwear industry. The weekly series, which will run five to eight minutes, wants to give women a chance to cover a topic that is overwhelmingly dominated by men in other spaces. The snkrINC founder hopes to use the video series to set the foundation to build up to an entirely new media platform catering to women passionate about streetwear.