The studied benefits of matcha tea extend to topical beauty and skincare 

The marriage of food and beauty is attractive to young consumers, and it’s appearing now in new product offerings that feature matcha, a powdered green tea gaining popularity. Beauty brands are capitalizing on the tea’s high amount of antioxidants and how its ingestible benefits are accompanied by topical ones as well. 


NYC-based cult-favorite beauty brand Winky Lux recently launched a Matcha Balm that takes the concept of functional “food” to a whole new level. The lip salve’s formula includes coconut and avocado oils, vitamin C, vanilla powder, and caffeine in addition to the powdered green tea to give lips the topical equivalent of drinking a specialty matcha latte. The $14 balm, which is an intriguing yet soothing shade of mint green, goes on clear once applied to the lips and works as a base layer for other lip products but also holds its own as a standalone moisturizer.


When developing the Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask, skincare brand Boscia focused on utilizing the concentrated amount of catechins, or natural antioxidants, that are inherent to the powdered green tea in order to formulate a product that combats the skin’s response to oxidative stress. The mask purportedly detoxifies, decongests, and soothes besieged skin with various herbal extracts—such as willowbark extract, jojoba seed extract, and bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol—that, together with the star ingredient, combat redness and inflammation. 


Milk Makeup, the choicest cosmetics brand for cool kids everywhere, debuted not one but two matcha-infused makeup sticks, a toner and a cleanser, presented in the brand’s iconic push-pop packaging. The microbead-free exfoliating cleanser gently detoxifies skin while the toner, which is notable for being the first solid toner on the market, purifies pores with added ingredients like organic cactus elixir, kombucha, and witch hazel. Both products, which are TSA-friendly and highly convenient for multi-tasking skincare on-the-go, appeal to youth’s desire for optimization around how they spend their time and their money, especially pertaining to products and services that offer the best ROI.