Beauty brands play with scented makeup

The mechanism of scent continues to trend across multiple verticals as brands tap into sensory marketing to engage nostalgic young consumers. Lately, cosmetics brands have been utilizing this olfactory experience to make their products even more playful and immersive for beauty-conscious young consumers.


Beauty and grooming brands have experimented with incorporating coffee into their product formulas as the beverage continues to reign as a daily staple in consumers’ lives, and recently, trendy beauty brand Winky Lux incorporated the caffeinated beverage into its latest perk-me-up eight-piece collection in a way that combines both style and substance. Winky Lux’s Coffee Collection is comprised of neutral-toned eyeshadows, lipstick, and, for the brand’s first time, bronzers, all of which are coffee-scented. The line’s products range from $13 to $25 and are available for purchase on Winky Lux’s website. 


Life’s pretty peachy lately: the sweet stone fruit, and its reigning symbolism in pop culture, continues to be a source of inspiration for scented products that are resonating with young consumers. Earlier this summer, iconic drugstore beauty brand Covergirl released a range of peach- and chocolate-scented makeup exclusively at Walmart. The line, which retails for under $13, includes highlighters, bronzers, eyeshadows, and contour palettes, all of which are scented like the fruit or the dessert and fall under a Peach Punch or Chocoholic label.


Cosmetics brand Too Faced is no stranger to scented makeup or the power that olfactory stimulation has over young consumers who increasingly crave this novelty from their products. Like Covergirl’s latest line, Too Faced has released an entire peach-scented collection, along with chocolate-scented bronzers, in the past. Building on this success, the brand released an ultra-sugary Tutti Frutti collection last month that includes everything from foundation to highlighting drops to eyeshadow palettes that take color, packaging, and scent cues from a wide variety of juicy fruits, just in time for the hottest part of summer.