Jewelry brands produce lab-grown diamonds 

Eco-friendly is en vogue, from footwear to fashion to food. These jewelry brands sell lab-grown gems rather than mining them, creating a product that is better for the earth and the people involved, as the diamond industry is notorious for unethical practices.


London-based Lark & Berry recently opened the world’s first physical store for non-mined precious stones. Given that more than half of global youth prefer to shop for accessories in-store over online, this move will help the brand further its reach among young consumers. Although some of the bigger gems sold by Lark & Berry can take months to produce, the artificial process removes ethical concerns and environmental consequences that are present among natural diamond mining, making the wait time, and the cost—which has a wide range from about £350 to £72,000—worth it.


The diamonds sold by Vrai & Oro are grown in the Diamond Foundry lab, located north of the LA-based jewelry brand in San Francisco. Engagement rings make up almost half of the brand’s sales; its recently launched online design studio allows users to build their ideal ring, 3D printing the user’s design to build it to exact specifications, fulfilling young consumers’ desire for customization. An online-only brand, Vrai & Oro offers a home try-on program, sending users a sample version of their three chosen rings to trial for seven days.


The NYC-based startup launched earlier this year after one co-founder had difficulty navigating the complicated, and ethically questionable, engagement ring market in 2017. Couple aims to offer a transparent production and buying process, which young consumers desire from brands today. By using only lab-grown diamonds and cutting out the middleman, Couple can produce an ethical, luxury product at a lower price; the brand currently offers diamonds in four solitaire cuts with multiple settings, metals, and sizes for customers to build the perfect ring, which comes with a lifetime warranty and a 60-day risk-free period for returns.