Apparel brands use natural plant-based dyes

Young consumers are increasingly seeking innovation from brands in the form of sustainable and eco-friendly products and practices. The fashion industry is stepping up to the plate with new and improved materials, including natural plant-based dyes to color apparel in a stylish and environmentally-friendly way.


Nike is stepping up its eco-friendly footwear game this summer with the upcoming release of three different sustainable shoe lines. The brand’s Plant Color Collection, featuring four sneakers in two different styles—the Air Max 95 and the Blazer Low—use only plant-based dye for their coloring. The designs feature muted primary and pretty pastel colors that are exemplary of warmer weather. There is no official drop date yet for the sustainable collections; the other two are the Flyleather Earth Day Pack and the VaporMax 2 Random.


New Southern Wales-based Spirit Natural Clothing is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly products and processes. Their clothing is made of hemp, an environmentally sound material that uses no pesticides and requires little water to grow. They use no animal products and are working toward being completely plastic-free; they also encourage consumers to return their apparel for repairs and then continue wearing them, rather than buying new items. Spirit Natural Clothing is experimenting with natural dyes using plants from the local area such as red flowering ironbark and silver dollar eucalyptus.


AWAVEAWAKE was inspired by former fashion stylist Jaclyn Hodes’s spiritual journey. She uses her personal experience to infuse her line with sensuality, spirituality, and importantly, sustainability. The earth-conscious brand dyes its sustainable silks using plants known for their healing properties, including indigo, mango leaf, turmeric, and sappan wood. Hodes, like many modern young consumers, considers personal style part of one’s self-improvement process, and her collection is focused on holistic and healthful practices, like nourishing the outer and inner self as one.

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