Apparel brands continue to launch rental services

The fashion industry is undergoing a shift as young consumers become less interested in outright owning their clothing and more interested in having temporary access to their items instead. This preference speaks to youths’ desire to score the latest trends while simultaneously saving money and practicing sustainability. In response, retailers continue to rollout subscription rental services that fulfill this aim.


Trendy retailer Urban Outfitters is launching a clothing subscription service called Nuuly. For $88 a month, the service allows subscribers to rent up to six items per month from the company’s private label apparel brand UO, along with national brands such as Levi’s, Fila, and Champion. Nuuly will also feature a curated collection of rare vintage pieces along with higher-end designer items that are also available to rent. This subscription service will eventually offer thousands of options to choose from, as Nuuly plans to add one hundred new styles each week in order to provide subscribers with 3,000 styles by the end of 2019.


American Eagle recently debuted a rental service called American Eagle Style Drop. The service costs $49.95 a month and allows subscribers to rent up to three items a month with an unlimited number of clothing exchanges. The process starts online, where customers are asked to fill their virtual closet with at least eight items to start receiving clothes. If customers like the pieces they’re sent and want to buy them, they can purchase them for a discount of 25% or more. Other perks include free shipping both ways, complimentary dry cleaning, and the ability to cancel the subscription at any time.


Infinitely Loft, LOFT’s garment rental service, prides itself on being plus-size inclusive. The subscription is $65 a month and includes access to items from all of LOFT's collections—including tall, petite, plus, and maternity—which range from sizes 00-26. Infinitely Loft allows users to choose and rent three products per month. Shipping and box swaps are unlimited—and free—and allow customers to find the perfect styles. If subscribers decide they want to keep a piece, they are able to purchase it for anywhere between 50%-80% off.