Brands innovate the process around custom-fit clothing

Tech-enabled made-to-measure clothing is proliferating as companies innovate their products and development processes in preparation for the Future of Fashion & Retail. Brands are using apps and algorithms to harvest users’ exact measurements to in turn offer clothing that is personalized to each customer’s unique size—which doesn’t only increase customer satisfaction, but also reduces the rate of returns.


RedThread is a custom clothing startup that focuses on fit rather than sizing and offers basics for working women. RedThread customers take a quiz to determine potential fit challenges before submitting four photos via a mobile link, which prompts the user to take the photos with 3D mobile scan technology. The scan takes 15 measurements from the model and inputs them into RedThread’s patent-pending algorithm to determine the customer’s best fit. The algorithm then applies these measurements to any of RedThread’s four items that the customer wishes to purchase. The selection includes an ankle pant, a wide leg pant, a jacket, and a t-shirt, all retailing from $78 to $168.


Japanese fashion ecommerce company ZOZO, Inc. rolled out a new process for shoppers to get customized clothing via a Zozosuit, a personalized bodysuit covered in white polka dots. Customers photographed themselves wearing this Zozosuit and uploaded the images to the Zozo app, which captured about 400 measurement points to generate a precise 3D model of customers’ bodies. With those measurements, users could then make purchases from a wide selection of the company’s offerings. Even though the suit has since proved to be a costly misstep for the company and has been retracted across all markets, the testing of this type of tech is still important as it inspires other types of innovation across the industry.


Original Stitch is launching its custom measurement service called Bodygram in July 2019. The brand prides itself on creating the first technology to give users sub-one-inch accuracy on their measurements with just two photos. Customers need only download the app and upload front and side body images for a full sizing report. This report includes neck, sleeve, shoulder, chest, waist, and hip measurements, all within 99% accuracy compared to human tailors. If a customer is unhappy with their items, returns are completely free. This technology is the first that is capable of predicting customers’ body shapes under their clothing in just two photos. Original Stitch will be licensing this technology to other companies in the future.