Luxury fashion brands launch mobile games

Gaming is the #2 passion point among U.S. Gen Zs. For this young cohort, gaming provides an entertaining escape from reality, as well as a way for them to build upon their mental skills. Recently, the following luxury fashion brands are capitalizing on this youth obsession by launching mobile gaming apps that provide a playful, branded touchpoint for their luxury-obsessed young consumers.


Gucci is taking its customers on a journey to the past with the release of two 8-bit arcade games that fans can access via the brand’s mobile app. The luxury brand reimagined two vintage games, imbuing them with retro design elements from the brand’s collections. In Gucci Bee, players have to navigate a bee through increasingly complex mazes. Gucci Ace celebrates the future of gaming by exploring games of both the past and the present. Each level features game design inspired by different eras of gaming: retro games of the past, gaming consoles of the present, and a mobile games of the future. Gucci’s vintage-style mobile games are targeting modern youth, who are fueling a resurgence of analog entertainment.


Fendi is using star power and exclusive rewards to draw Chinese fans into its mobile gaming world. The Italian luxury brand casted Chinese star Xu Weizhou in its WeChat Mini Game, Fendi Ways to Rome. Players can guide Xu’s avatar through the streets of Rome, passing landmarks (such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Fendi HQ) while capturing FF logo coins and signature Fendi Baguette bags and unlocking hidden levels. The potential prize for playing is major, as three of the top 1,000 players have a chance to win a free three-night trip to Rome. Such a substantial reward is significant to modern youth, who want brands to reward them for their loyalty.


Hermés wanted to take a more playful approach to engaging consumers, and did so with the creation of a mobile game inspired by its deep connection to the equestrian world. The French luxury brand launched H-pitchhh, a virtual take on the classic game horseshoe. Players can use the iPhone X’s gesture feature or simply swipe their screens to toss their horseshoe and win points based on its proximity to a stake. By accruing points, players can unlock colorful new worlds, discover objects from Hermès founder Emile Hermès’ secret collections, and score new horseshoe pitching objects. Players can toss the shoe solo or play against their friends.