Don’t paint your nails—print them!

Beauty and tech go hand-hand with the latest proliferation of at-home nail art printers. The following offerings condense the painstaking process of an artful manicure into a streamlined and customized experience that users can do themselves from the comfort of their home—no salon necessary.

The ultimate nail customization device is here—and it boasts a laser. Nail art brand Anjou debuted a printer that uses a laser to apply nail art designs to a user’s nails in just 30 seconds. Users select designs on the printer’s touch screen, and while there are 500 pre-loaded designs to choose from, users can also upload their own designs for truly custom nail art. The process of the manicure itself is akin to a typical gel manicure, and takes around five minutes from start to finish. True manicure enthusiasts can purchase this printer for $699, but anyone who is interested in trying this technology can also look up nail salons that use this nifty printer on Anjou’s website.

Japanese household appliance company Koizumi Seiki developed a high-tech nail art printer that promises to simplify nail design application and completes the process of a manicure in two minutes. The PriNail nail printer retails for $500 (55,000 yen) and offers users a level of precision and detail that a human nail tech can’t provide. Users first apply a base color and a seperate pre-coat before inserting each finger one by one into the PriNail for the printing process. Once each nail is printed with a design, users simply apply a final top coat.

Canon has added nail art functionality to its arsenal via its Canon Pixma TS9570 and TS8270 printers. Users first design their nail art through the Canon Nail Sticker Creator App. The final design is then printed onto a special sticker sheet that is precut to a gumdrop shape. These stickers can be adhered to the user’s nails and sealed in with a topcoat of the user’s choosing. What’s more, this printer doesn’t only boost the quality of at-home manicures: it also gives consumers the chance to design their own wrapping paper, and prints this paper with less ink compared to other printers.