DTC jewelry brands open piercing studios

Millennials and Gen Zs want ear piercings that speak to their unique aesthetic, but may lack viable options for cute piercing studs, or for getting the piercings themselves, outside of traditional mall options. Knowing this, the following direct-to-consumer jewelry brands are opening piercing studios to address this hole in the marketplace (pun intended) and offer a fresh take on both piercing jewelry and the experience of getting a piercing.

Direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand Mejuri opened its first West Coast showroom in LA last August. In addition to offering fans of the Toronto-based brand the chance to shop its ethically-sourced and stylishly minimal jewelry in person, the physical retail touchpoint boasted a piercing studio. While those who shopped Mejuri’s offerings at the showroom would have their selections shipped to them the following day, those who opted for in-house piercings could walk out of the store with their new 14k yellow gold studs. Participants only had to pay for the cost of the stud—the piercing itself was free.

Online jewelry startup Stone & Strand incorporated piercing parlors into their pop-ups a little over two years ago. Stone & Strand hosts piercing pop-ins at their own pop-up stores, as well as with the brands they partner with. The cost of a standard lobe piercing is $15, while a specialty piercing is $25, except when Stone & Strand hosts a happy hour for customers. During this happy hour, piercings are free with the purchase of an earring. The success of Stone & Strand’s piercing initiative led to the brand's launch of Piercings Y’all, a sub brand that offers delicate, on-trend earrings that are specifically used for piercing.

The Last Line looked to upgrade the typical mall piercing experience when it opened its first-ever pop-up shop in LA last fall. While the direct-to-consumer jewelry brand’s pop-up was located inside a mall, the space itself was designed to provide a relaxing, vibrant, and slightly-bohemian setting for shoppers to browse the brand’s luxe earrings, necklaces, braceletes, and more, all of which retail without the traditional luxury jewelry markup. Like Mejuri’s piercing studio, customers could get pierced for free when they purchased a piece of The Last Line’s dedicated piercing jewelry, which includes studs, huggies, and hoops.