Food and fashion are a match made in heaven

Food brands are looking to connect with Gen Z consumers through an outlet they’re passionate about: fashion. The following popular snack brands are stepping up their marketing strategies by creating streetwear-inspired fashion lines that create hype around new flavor and menu additions. Not only do these offerings give consumers a better taste for the brand, it also drives them to their social pages to find out how they can get their hands on the limited-edition swag.


Iconic American cookie brand Oreo teamed up with three European influencers to create its first fashion collection, a move that is ultimately designed to boost the brand’s engagement in Europe. Oreo partnered with a creative agency to design the core ‘Oreo Twist Your Style’ collection, which is unisex and highly streetwear-inspired (think sweatshirts with Oreo iconography and branded bucket hats), while each of the three European influencers also designed a denim jacket for the line. Those who want in on this cookie couture can’t simply pick up the pieces in a store, but must instead win the items by purchasing special Oreo packs and entering the competition on Oreo’s website or the brand’s social media channels.


TWIX is building hype for its new Cookies & Creme bars by teaming up with The Shoe Surgeon to debut limited-edition sneakers. The limited-edition kicks are designed to evoke elements of the new treat, and feature tearaway elements and a cookies & creme-themed colorway. To market the product, the duo filmed behind-the-scenes social media content to spoof popular sneaker shows, and TWIX will debut a Snapchat portal that virtually takes viewers on a tour through the TWIX factory. Come February, TWIX will release 100 pairs of these sneakers, but the brand isn’t announcing where or how consumers can nab them until just before the drop via their social channels.


Last fall, McDonald’s targeted UK Gen Zs to promote the brand’s limited edition Spicy Chicken Nuggets (or, as McDonald’s called them, “Schnuggs”). The fast food giant released an ad campaign around a fake Spicy Chicken Nuggets fashion line to create social media buzz for the nugget flavor. The hypebeast-inspired campaign, which shows Gen Zs modeling faux Spicy Chicken Nuggets apparel, ran across all popular social media platforms, and McDonald’s also debuted a special Snapchat filter that allowed users take selfies as a fire-breathing human chicken nugget.