Kick it with the latest footwear from these fast food chains

Fast food chains are using fashion to expand their brand identity, and they’re doing so via some seriously funky footwear. Consumers can now rep some of their favorite food brands on their feet by purchasing these limited edition shoes, which are designed with the iconic logos and packaging inherent to each brand. Not only will fans wish to cop the kicks to show their support, but the limited quantities add to the appeal of securing the merch while it’s still hot—figuratively, of course.


KFC and Crocs have teamed up to create statement footwear for the diehard fried chicken fan. The design of the resulting Croc pays homage to KFC’s classic bucket of chicken: the upper part boasts a picture of KFC’s iconic chicken while the lower part evokes the brand’s classic red and white striped bucket, which the chicken is dispensed in. For good measure, Colonel Sanders makes an appearance on the back of the shoe. But what truly makes this shoe over-the-top is the accompanying mini fried chicken charm, which actually smells like fried chicken. These delectable clogs are scheduled to drop sometime in Spring 2020.


America can really run on Dunkin’ (yet again) with the brand’s latest footwear collab. Dunkin’ and Saucony have once more teamed up to debut a running shoe to celebrate the upcoming Boston Marathon in April. The Saucony x Dunkin’ Kinvara 10 features the Dunkin’ logo, strawberry-frosted donut charms, and coffee cups, and has the word “Boston” emblazoned on the sneaker’s reflective strip. What's more, donut lovers will be excited to hear that the limited-edition kicks come in a custom shoebox reminiscent of Dunkin’s iconic pink and orange donut box. Runners and caffeine addicts alike can get their hands on the shoes via Saucony’s website, as well as at select Marathon Sports stores in Boston.


In-N-Out Burger is staking its claim as the trendiest fast food chain with the release of In-N-Out branded slip on sneakers, which are perfect for engaging in Californian pastimes like skateboarding or going to the beach. The sneakers are printed with the same pattern as the chain’s highly-recognizable soft drink cup, which boasts wavy red lines and tiny palm trees on a white background. These “Drink Cup Shoes” are packaged in a box that has the same drink cup pattern around the side and the classic In-N-Out logo on top. Influencer types who wish to outfit-match with their soda cups can cop a pair of the kicks on the brand’s website for $64.95—when they’re back in stock.