Pressed flowers are popping up in the fashion and beauty industries

The artfulness of pressed flowers is gaining traction in the beauty and fashion verticals as brands incorporate this delicate art into their products. Not only are pressed flowers aesthetically pleasing, but they also lend products an air of customization and uniqueness, as no two pressed flower products look exactly the same.


Gen Z fashion designer Olivia Cheng founded Dauphinette, an emerging fashion brand that offers delightful and whimsical pieces constructed from nontraditional fabrics and materials. In addition to a unique bag made with pressed flowers, Dauphinette offers in-the-know fashionistas garden flower earrings made from real, pressed flowers that have been coated in an eco-friendly resin, creating delicate and highly-unique ready-to-wear jewelry. As a lovely finishing touch, Dauphinette packages these earrings in a seed plant paper, giving customers the chance to plant their packaging and grow their own flowers.


Blossom Beauty “honors the timeless beauty of flowers” by incorporating real flowers into all of its beauty and grooming products. For example, the brand’s cuticle oil is infused with real flowers, ostensibly lending the product botanical benefits above and beyond simply moisturizing and protecting cuticles. Blossom Beauty also has a range of lip products, face oils, and fragrances that are also infused with real flowers: the flowers are suspended delicately in clear packaging, leaving consumers with beauty products that they’ll surely be willing to display rather than stash inside a cabinet.


Etsy shop EEJewellery has garnered attention on the e-commerce site for its personalized pressed flower jewelry. The UK-based shop makes a range of different jewelry pieces, but its pressed flower necklaces have proven popular with the Insta-set. Customers can choose from a range of wildflowers and intricate leaves, which are then encased in a gold- or silver-plated clear resin charm. There’s even a customization option for customers to add an initial to the clasp. Etsy posted images of the nature-inspired jewelry to its Instagram to the return of 29,000+ likes.