New luxury initiatives deliciously marry fashion and fragrance

Scent is such a major player in marketing: we’ve covered brands incorporating it into everything from billboards to scratch ‘n’ sniff packaging to cocktails. Recently, luxury brands are innovating on this concept to give consumers new ways to enjoy the marriage of scent and fashion through scented jewelry, temporary tattoos, and even handbags.


Fendi’s iconic Baguette handbag has undergone artistic alteration several times over the years, with renditions from major names like Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst; now, the bag’s latest take is no exception. Fendi partnered with French parfumier Maison Francis Kurkdjian to launch FENDIFRENESIA, a gender-neutral perfume (which embodies notes of warmth, musk, and leather) that is also infused into a special-edition Fendi Baguette using Kurkdijian’s patented technique. This technique ensures that the bag will hold the perfume’s smell for three years, and an additional 5ml bottle of the perfume is included in the purchase so that the customer can re-apply it directly to the leather as needed. This initiative has a special distinction, for it’s the world’s first scented leather handbag collection.


Chanel applied a creative spin to the brand’s signature CHANCE fragrance line to make the scents travel-friendly and unique. The French fashion house reimagined the traditional rollerball option for all four CHANCE scents as fun, pastel-colored pens (allowing users to “draw” on themselves to apply the product). Each core CHANCE retractable scent pen comes in a travel-friendly kit, which is TSA-approved and easy to pack for on-the-go application. Chanel also created a travel-friendly hair oil that captures the fruity and floral fragrance of the CHANCE EAU TENDRE scent. The four-piece set of CHANCE’s fragrance pencils and the hair oil can be found on Chanel’s web store (as well as at other luxury beauty counters) for $80 and $55, respectively.


Luxury scent company Diptyque Paris is targeting Gen Zs with its newest line of wearable fragrance accessories, which includes jewelry and temporary tattoos. The brand’s Prêts-à-Parfumer collection offers customers the chance to ‘wear’ one of the brand’s classic scents—Do Son, Eau Rose or L’Ombre dans L’Eau—by applying a chic, temporary tattoo. Diptyque recommends users apply the designs to the inside of the wrist, base of the neck, or curve of the shoulder to keep the smell fragrant and potent throughout the day. For those who don’t want to rock this type of body art, Diptyque also launched a scent-emitting brooch and bracelet.