Quarantine-appropriate merch supports Covid-19 relief efforts

A vast spectrum of Covid-19-themed fashion merch is already proliferating, stoking a range of reactions from outrage to excitement. Regardless of personal opinion, such offerings memorialize this moment in time for consumers who are dealing with the emotional, mental, and physical fallout from this unprecedented global pandemic, as well as offer an accessible way to express solidarity at this near-universal situation (and perhaps even prompt a laugh or two). The following initiatives offer merch with a philanthropic angle, as all or some of the proceeds support Covid-19 relief efforts.


In order to help healthcare workers battling COVID-19 on the front lines, multi-disciplinary French creative studio Services Généraux created a line of clothing titled ‘Indoor Fashion.’ It’s the first line of clothing “designed not to be seen,” made to be worn exclusively at home, and dedicated to healthcare workers worldwide. This idea is brought to life via a hoodie that displays the logos of all the quarantine-friendly flagship brands consumers are currently relying on, as well as another style that directs the wearer to “wear inside only.” In addition to providing a clever way to display one’s quarantine pride, as well as commemorate this rather unprecedented time, Services Généraux is donating all of the proceeds from the line to the World Health Organization.


Dylan Hattem, CEO and founder of digital agency DS Projects, recently launched the COVID-19 Merch Initiative, which directs the entirety of proceeds from coronavirus-related merch to hard-hit restaurants in 20 states. The effort started back in March when Hattem released his own quarantine-themed t-shirt (boasting “Bought this T-shirt and stayed the [censored] home”), which raised $63,000 in just three weeks. Hattem then started collaborating with eateries all across the U.S. to design custom merch for businesses so they could still generate revenue amidst the novel coronavirus shutdown. The shirts retail on a dedicated site for $40 each. As the initiative grows, other partners across multiple industries continue to join this valiant effort.


New streetwear label Virus Collective designs tongue-in-cheek quarantine-themed hoodies, tees, tanks, hats, and even kid's clothing, all of which boast era-appropriate slogans like “Wash Your Hands” and “Don’t Touch Me” and retail for $28-$48. The merch has a philanthropic angle: Virus Collective is donating one quarter of all sales to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Response Fund. The merch is described as “the collaborative self-quarantine side-hustle created by a group of fashion industry professionals," as told to The Hollywood Reporter.