DIY colorful hair dye is majorly trending

Celebrities and consumers alike are experimenting with fun hair styles amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, kicking off a bona fide DIY hair color movement. Enter these affordable hair dye brands and initiatives, which offer personalization and bold hues, achieved without needing to leave the house.


DIY hair color disruptor oVertone is giving dark-haired consumers brilliant hair dye results with the brand’s color-depositing conditioner dye, which purportedly confers colorful shades to darker hair sans bleach. Now, hair color enthusiasts who aren’t willing to bring bleach into the equation can add a touch of pink, blue, green, orange, or even rose gold color to their hair without risking damage. oVertone offers two different conditioner formulas: a Coloring Conditioner that deposits color onto hair and Daily Conditioner helps customers maintain pre-existing hair color.


Good Dye Young is an at-home hair color line from Paramore’s Hayley Williams and her best friend Brian O’Connor. The brand prides itself on offering colors that pack a punch, make a statement, and are vegan and cruelty-free. Good Dye Young recently released its Lighter Daze line, a range of five pastel hair color hues that include Wondermint (a mint green), Sky High (a light blue), Peach Fuzz (a washed orange), Stoned Pony (lavender), and Pink Puff (candy pink). Not only does Good Dye Young carry these non-toxic, semi-permanent conditioning dyes, but it also offers Poser Paste, a colorful hair makeup that can be washed out with shampoo, for those looking for even shorter-term hair experimentation.


Last year, beauty giant L'Oréal launched Color&Co, a platform that allows consumers to connect with hair colorists via video chat—no in-person consultation or fee needed—to co-create a custom at-home dye kit. Users take a three question survey before entering a 10-minute virtual chat, where a colorist will ask the user about current hair color status as well as color goals. The stylist then compiles a personalized hair color kit that contains everything a client needs for an at-home dye job: "formula, cream developer, a painting brush, two pairs of gloves, a stain block and stain-erasing wipe, aftercare conditioner, and custom application instructions," according to Allure. Not only is Color&Co convenient, it’s also highly affordable: its dye kits start at just $19.90.