Glamorous gummy bear-inspired accessories make a whimsical statement

Jewelry designers have a new muse: the humble yet beloved gummy bear. Despite their small stature, these colorful little snacks have become totally iconic within the confectionary industry, and their influence is now spilling over into the modern accessories market. While today’s jewelry takes much inspiration from food, gummy bear styles specifically are gaining in popularity among young adults thanks to their strong nostalgia factor and overall whimsicality. In this tumultuous time, it’s understandable that young consumers are seeking and finding comfort in the treats from their childhood, which speak to simpler times. But thanks to the following gummy bear-inspired accessories, you can have your candy, ditch the calories, and make a chic statement too.


BaubleBar is a go-to for jewelry that is affordable and on-trend. The brand’s gummy bear earrings are among its most popular products, and fans of the gummy studs need to join a waitlist to get their hands on these adorable accessories. This particular set of studs contains three different gummy bear colors, including red, pink, and yellow (which, anecdotally, are the best gummy bear flavors). BaubleBar also sells several gummy bear charm bracelets that look playful yet polished and have gold chain detailing. Aside from these gelatinous jewels, BaubleBar sells an array of food-inspired accessories, speaking once more to how modern jewelry takes much inspiration from food.


Talk about good taste—Safsafu’s gummy bear accessories are as glam as it gets. The brand’s Gummy Bear Strass Earring is quite exquisite: it is equal parts edgy and elegant, entirely encrusted in white Swarovski crystals, and sold as a single earring. Safsafu also sells an all-gold gummy bear earring made with 24k gold plated brass. Each earring is handmade by artisans at the brand's factory in Italy. Safsafu’s sassy and sophisticated statement jewelry is certainly a conversation starter.


Luxury accessories brand Jan Leslie is making Haribo-esque gummies haute. Her rainbow ombré gummy bear cufflinks were a “Best in Men’s” winner at the Couture Design Awards 2019. Crafted from sterling silver and hand painted to perfection, they come with quite a price tag, retailing for $595. The brand also offers earrings and rings featuring these hand painted enamel gummy bears, as well as a set of cufflinks and studs that retail for a whopping $1,145 at Bergdorf Goodman. Call it “kitsch” or call it “camp,” but this jewelry is, nevertheless, art.