Consumers can now sanitize in style

As consumers increasingly prioritize hand hygiene, the demand for sanitizers is growing alongside consumer interest in products that also reflect their personality, whether that’s via color, fragrance, texture, packaging, overall sustainability, or key ingredients. Check out the following brands that are leading the way with their stylish sanitizers.


Described as the “first beauty-forward sanitizer,” Touchland is pioneering a new kind of hand hygiene. Discerning consumers will especially appreciate Touchland's fast-drying texture and fun fragrances like watermelon, citrus, berry, and aloe. Each bottle features 500 sprays, and 5% of profits go toward sanitizing initiatives in developing countries. Given that many of their products quickly sold out (and had a 34k person waitlist), Touchland is clearly tapping into the upgraded experience that consumers want.


Humankind’s Kindfill hand sanitizer centers sustainability. Made with recyclable aluminum, the brand's 8 oz. bottles of sanitizer are designed as refills for smaller, travel size bottles. Each large bottle offers 220 pumps of sanitizer that can refill four small, pocket-size bottles, offering consumers a great way to cut down on single-use plastics. Beyond that, the brand offsets 100% of its carbon footprint by “investing in strategic forest preservation projects.” Humankind’s gel formulas feature 65% alcohol to meet CDC guidelines, along with fresh scents such as grapefruit and eucalyptus.


Public Goods offers a hand sanitizer that’s not just for germaphobes, but consumer ingredient decoders as well. Made with 62% ethyl alcohol, this product is free from parabens and commonly-used harsh chemicals like triclosan and benzalkonium chloride, but does include added moisturizing ingredients like aloe and glycerin, which are especially important amidst so much hand washing. The bottle boasts a chic black and white design, and while you’re shopping their site, be sure to check out their wide array of hygiene, household, and grocery products, all concepted with minimalist and modern design in mind.