Multitasking Masking

Masks are doing more

Once the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, masks quickly became an everyday essential, and over six months later it’s clear this necessary accessory is here to stay. Now, and as consumers are looking for masks that more seamlessly fit into their everyday lifestyles, multifunctional masks that go beyond just the basics are proliferating.


Australian face mask brand AusAir is taking its masks to the next level with serious anti-pollution filters that simultaneously emit essential oils with each inhale. AusAir designs rather aesthetic masks that come in blush, black, and grey colorways so that consumers can choose a mask that fits their everyday fashion choices. The brand’s unique 02PLUS filters are replaceable, so users can swap in fresh scents—such as tea tree, eucalyptus, and lavender—for a new botanical breathing experience. While AusAir’s original goal was to bring the experience of breathing high quality Australian air to those outside the beautiful continent, Australia’s recent wildfires could make AusAir's masks essential in the brand's homeland.


Product development company Bilio stepped up to the challenge of creating a high quality mask at the very start of the pandemic and has since worked with big name brands like Allbirds and Steelcase. Every Bilio Mask is knitted with SilverKiss™, an antimicrobial technology that consists of recycled polyester and silver yarns. In the presence of moisture, these yarns release positively charged silver ions that prohibit the growth of microorganisms, control odor, and eliminate bacteria on contact. Research proves these masks highly efficient, as they filter out 82% of particles present in a wearer’s room.


HelloMask is the solution to the inevitable challenge of communicating while half your face is covered. The HelloMask is biodegradable, transparent, and muffle-free to allow for better communication and connection (making it easier to understand what mask-covered mouths are saying), and it’s also made from a material that prevents a wearer’s breath from creating an unsightly fog. HelloMask was originally developed to facilitate easier communication between medical workers and patients; when they're released in 2021 they will be sold to the medical community first.