Virtual floral design classes are a hit

Millennials are notoriously plant- and nesting-obsessed, and these passions are only accelerating amidst the ongoing pandemic, especially as many young adults are more inclined to spend their time at home. Enter the following virtual experiences, centered around floral arranging and design and meted out by lauded botanical institutions, five-star hotels, and brands alike.


Over the summer, 1-800-Flowers.com partnered with lifestyle and events brand Alice’s Table to launch virtual floral arranging workshops. Tickets cost $65 per person; once purchased, participants were sent a floral arranging kit containing a vase and a selection of farm-fresh flowers the day before a scheduled class, and all participants needed on their end were floral clippers or scissors. The founder of Alice’s Table led the classes, teaching participants how to create gorgeous arrangements and sharing extra tips and tricks as she broke the process down step-by-step.


While the New York Botanical Garden was closed for a period following the onset of the pandemic, fans and patrons of the institution could still access NYBG’s bounty of natural resources—albeit virtually—through NYBG at Home. NYBG at Home offers an impressive selection of online horticulture classes, along with virtual tours, events, and other digital resources. Classes generally fall somewhere in the $100-$300 range, but NYBG’s horticulture therapy class is an accessible $55 for non-members, demonstrating how the institution offers a variety of different access points for interested participants. Most recently, NYBG promoted the launch of Fundamentals of Form, a virtual floral design class where students “experiment with shape, line, and symmetry while composing beautiful, balanced creations.”


The Sofitel’s Villa Borghese, a five-star hotel located in Rome, enlisted lauded Italian floral designer Flavia Bruni to host a virtual floral arranging tutorial set in the hotel’s garden-inspired rooftop restaurant. Participants can watch the video and follow Bruni’s instructions on arranging and caring for floral varieties from the comfort of their homes, without needing to book a stay at the gorgeous villa. That said, the online experience is actually a preview to the hotel’s upcoming in-person floral arranging program, which it plans to launch this fall to attract U.S. visitors, providing that international travel is allowed.