We’ve got the skinny on gold-infused skincare

Skincare brands are taking the “treat yourself” concept to new heights thanks to products that literally meet the gold standard and actually contain 24-karat gold. Beauty devotees who are always looking for the next holy grail product will be thrilled, as gold purportedly provides a radiant glow to skin.


Celebrity aesthetician Mimi Luzon is famous among the star-studded set for her 24K Pure Gold Treatment: Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Irina Shayk are among those who swear by and have received this beautifying facial. This highly-Instagrammable mask is infused with peptides and hyaluronic acid to even skin tone and create a healthy glow. For those who can’t patronize Luzon herself, her 24K Pure Gold Treatment kit is available for purchase, and retails for $436. The at-home facial comes with a Corrective Anti-Wrinkle Mask, designed to be applied first, and a sheet of gold leaf foil that users place over top for the full gold-enhanced effect.


NuFACE develops technology-driven products to help skin stay vibrant and youthful, and the brand is known for its award-winning, at-home, and non-invasive skincare devices. NuFACE has also developed skincare products, such as its anti-aging Gel Primer 24k Gold Complex containing hyaluronic acid, that are meant to be used in conjunction with its high-tech devices. The primer itself stimulates cell growth to improve elasticity and radiance.


Olivia Quido’s O Skin Care line provides users the royal treatment, and, according to Forbes, is the official skincare label for Miss Universe and Miss USA. The brand’s Secret Gold 24K Gold Mask is infused with 24-karat Pure Gold powder, which locks in moisture and tightens skin, and tourmaline, a mineral that vitalizes skin. This small-yet-mighty product delivers flawless radiance and an even-toned finish—but the best part? Users will know the mask is active on their skin when the product goes from milky white to gold.