Water is the juiciest ingredient in beauty today

While Cassandra Daily has previously reported on waterless beauty, there’s another industry trend forming in the other direction, calling for more H2O. To wit, The New York Times called out hydration as the “latest lucrative frontier of the wellness boom.” But we’re not talking about just any plain old water: H2O is getting a modern remix, featuring in functional products like liquidized mineral drops, micellar cleansers, and hydro-based skincare wipes. Are you thirsty yet? Read on for a few brands that are already harnessing hydration.


Are you ready to biohack your beverage? Beauty Water Drops from NYC-based wellness company Sakara Life deliver “72 naturally-occurring ionic trace minerals” that purportedly deeply hydrate cells. By adding just a few of these liquid drops into drinking water, consumers can conveniently achieve ultra-hydration as they enjoy a higher intake of trace minerals, which also supports collagen and keratin production. This “beauty in a bottle” is the modern wellness consumer’s new hydration hero.


Micellar water is going mainstream. Originating from France, micellar water features tiny particles called micelles that trap impurities and gently moisturize skin. Talika, a French skincare brand, crafted the Face Moisturising Micellar Solution, a facial cleanser and makeup remover that has the texture of water. Enriched with prebiotics and green microalgae, it claims to make skin softer, clearer, and healthier, all in the name of hydration.


Thanks to Neutrogena, facial wipes are getting an upgrade. Beyond just removing makeup, the brand’s new Hydro Boost Facial Cleansing Wipes deliver deep hydration and feature the eternally-hyped hyaluronic acid. An accompanying product, the Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Serum, is so popular that it's sold out on Neutrogena's site. Now that it’s winter (and as consumers continue to mask up), these products present an effective on-the-go solution for dry skin. We’re already feeling quenched.