Fine dining - for dogs

Some dogs are certainly sitting in the lap of luxury, from wearing Zara clothing to living sustainably, and now their daily menu options are no exception. As Gen Zs and Millennials put an emphasis on culinary culture and eating meals with more natural roots, they’re also prioritizing what they feed their fur babies. The food quality standard for dogs has risen, and the expectations are that pets require a high-quality, human-grade level of cuisine. Read below for three pet food brands that are setting the new standard for Fido’s food.


Throw out the bone, this is the “the ultimate royal treatment.” Bonne et Filou gives its four-legged customers a taste of the sweet life with their hand-made, human-grade, French-inspired macaron dog treats. Described as “the most unique dog gift,” these haute couture doggy desserts offer a range of sophisticated yet delicious flavors like lavender, rose, mint, strawberry, and vanilla–there’s even a collagen-infused macaron for dogs who like to try the latest trends in wellness. So, pamper your pooch with these treats.


Talk about door-to-dog service! All-natural dog food brand and delivery service, The Farmer’s Dog, is elevating both the quality and convenience of dog food. Owners no longer need to ‘ruff’ it in pet stores - after filling out a quick online survey, fresh food ships direct-to-dog. These fresh, balanced meals are made with “simple recipes, guided by science, and driven by love.” This high-standard food can really improve pet health, and tastes so good, some consumers even try it for themselves.


Dogs chowing down on A Pup Above can rest assured that they’re eating just as good as their humans. All of the brand’s meals are the real deal, made of 100% human-grade food–that means non-GMO produce and meats free of antibiotics, steroids and hormones. Pawrents can feed their fur babies a selection of four gourmet flavors including Turkey Pawella, Texas Beef Stew, Porky’s Luau, and Chicka Chicka Bow Wow - each full of superfoods like tumeric, thyme, and parsley. A Pup Above sets itself apart from other natural dog food brands with its sous-vide technique that cooks the food slowly and evenly, so it won’t lose any nutrition, protein, or vitamins.